Reign of Winter

On to White Throne

It is only getting uglier from here...

Nadya escorts the party to White Throne.

After much conversation between Maudril and Uther about the Inn keeper who is evil. Maudril will not let Uther take her out. Uther is convinced she is working for the witches.

The party moves on to White Throne. After the first night the party awakes to our belongings having been gone through. Uther tracks the perpetrators to a stone nearby where there are some evil gremlin like creatures whom the party engages.

There were six of the creatures among the rocks. Two of them fled and the other four died.

Another day of travel brings snow on the air and wolves near the camp. Orem disappears while gathering firewood. The party searches for him and finds him being pursued by wolves. The wolves are killed, except for the one that Krupe blinded…

The party finds a cottage in the woods. The woman inside wants the party to find her husband who was abducted by a moss troll. She wanted the party to leave Emond and Nadya’s children behind. We took them with us and found the cave she told us about. A humanoid moss covered creature comes at the group and and spews spores at Uther who shrugs off the effect.

Krupe casts sleep upon the creature. It falls to the ground and the moss on him continues to move.

Uther begins to burn the moss from Findgarth. The couple gave us supplies and removed the curse from Maudril’s scimitar.

The next day the party approaches a chain of hills. and sees in the distance red on the ground. It turns out to be a frost drake in a pool of its blood. Also a couple of humans dead also, possible winter guards.

The groups decides that with the drake dead it was a good idea to go to the lair of the remaining drake to finish the job that the winter guards started. When we climb the cliff trail we find other winter guards along the trail. We arrive at the lair in the middle of a frozen waterfall and across the lair are another 6 dead winter guards.

The drake is on eggs in a next and breaths ice at Uther as he approaches. He dodges and take minimal damage.

The group took down the drake but it had five babies. Edmond took one as an animal companion.

And they rested…


Gilgamesh rckeller

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