Reign of Winter

The Fish Camps

Outside of White Throne

After the Troll Bridge we travel through a forest for half a day and see White Throne. It is hard to get into White Throne so Nadya suggests we go to the Fish Camps to talk to a relative of hers.

People are poor. There are thugs who the towns people pay protection money to, who claim to be the law but do not appear to be. The guards were beating up a man, we intervened. Edmond heals the fisherman who was being abused. The guards get mouthy and Uther cuts down their leader. The others flee. The group follows them to the jail. We find the jail, which is not well kept.

Uther goes to the back door and opens it while the rest of the group detects evil and magic and other things. uther finds a man dressed in black with a black cloth across his face, Marcian Enarxion.

Uther slowly pulls his weapons out loud enough to attract attention of the man who is sitting in front of an open chest. The man hears the door open and shoots a cross bow bolt into Uther, and he responds. The door behind Uther’s opponent opens and an ogre attacks through the door.
Croup tries the front door and it is barred closed. Uther discovers there are two ogres in the room and three more guards as he moves into the main room where his opponent withdrew.

Maudril summons his mount and the two of them beat on the door.

Nadya runs to the back of the building as Edmond tries to break through the wall.

The group in the front breaks down the wall and the door. Nayda comes to the back and starts shooting arrows. Krupe comes to the back door and starts throwing spells.

The thugs were defeated and Ndya’s uncle was freed. (Ringeirr Malenkov)

He told us of a group. The Heralds of Summer Return. He knows how to get into city. Queen Ivana has declared martial law and set up a new guard. The Iron Guard replacing the old guard.

They check people in the city for papers even on the streets.

We will enter the city through the district called the Howlings. The home of the winter wolves. The gate is a hole in the wall with lax security.

We hide our weapons and armor in the fish cart with a few exceptions. Uther hides a dagger and kukri on his person. Maudril keeps a dagger.

The walls are 30 feet high and appear to be giant femurs fused together. The wall are made of stone. We go to the opening in the wall at the Howlings.

We enter and see a woman with silver hair, Greta. Maudril makes a date to meet her later tonight. He is to meet her at the Winter Hole. She wants to see if he can out drink her. Uther pays to get by her into the city for the rest of the group.

The party sees a mirror man in the distance and hides in an alley., The mirror man notices them and a telepathic voice in Uther’s head asks what he is doing. He responds with an attack (2 critical hits). The mirror man is self healing and has some kind of damage reduction.
After the initial attack Uther has been falling behind at damage versus healing. Krupe enlarges Uther. Maudril jumps into the battle and takes the evil creature out.

After unloading the fish and head to where we are going to get the papers. We were harassed by a couple of winter wolves in an alley. We got past that encounter and then moved on. Then a human ran out of a house to use and tried to climb over our cart with our weapons and armor in it covered with a thin layer of fish. Another winter wolf came out of the house and grabbed him saying that he had messed up for the last time and he would eat the slave.
Maudril would not stand for that and we entered the wolf’s den under the pretense of Mauldril selling Uther as a cook.

It went poorly for the wolf.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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