Reign of Winter

The Journey Continues

OMG, We are all going to die...

The company continues to White Throne. We come across an area of summer in the winter wonderland. Krupe feels it is a null magic zone. We decide to skirt the patch of summer for various reasons. It was about a three mile detour.

A settlement in the distance.

We approach the settlement which has been destroyed in the past. There is a temple of Desna in the center of the village. There are two priest of Desna in ancient robes sweeping. They see the group as children. Their parents went to find a safe place and left the children in the Priests’ care. As Maudril approaches the Temple itself suddenly there are transparent children Frost Giants and Trolls all over the court yard. The priest changed into some undead creatures and attacked the party. Edmond and Uther dropped the first one and the other attacks Maudril. Krupe puts in down and the party could not effect the ghostly creatures.

Maudril determines it would take consecration to cleanse the temple but the party does not have the ability to cleanse it.

The next day the party arrives in Ellsprin, where Nadja wants to leave her twins.

On the outskirts the party passes a cottage and in front of the main door is a body in a pool of blood on the ground. As the party approaches to heal the person on the ground a woman yells from the cottage that it is a trap. The party stops and scans the woods around the tree. Maudril (the Reluctant Paladin detects two spots of evil.

A fey creature and a stick creature attack Edmond. As the sticks fly through the party, many take damage. Krupe fires flames at the twig creature and misses.

Uther slashes the twig creature and Edmond takes down the fey creature.

The twig man runs for the barne and Uther pursues him.

When Uther gets to the barn there is another fey with a faun bound. It cuts the fauns ropes and gives it a dagger and says kill him. Now is your chance.

The Fey and twig dude attack Uther.

Krupe rushes to the barn and is attacked by the fey creature and is knocked back.

Uther falls to the foul fey creatures. Krupe throws fire at the Fey.

The battle rages as Uther bleeds to death.

The party kills the fey and twig thing and free the faun. He claims his mother is the woman in the cottage.

Fey creature was a Zzababa and the twig creature a Faernip. Garen the Faun says he was driven out by the village people. His step father was killed by the fey.


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