Reign of Winter

The Pale Tower - Part 2

Or the Cleric Sucks...

The party rested the night and continued their exploration of the Pale Tower.

The party attempts to use the gates in the tower and searches Vito for the key. Leaving him behind to fend for himself.

The group gets to the next area and there are two sprites, mirrors and a large dining table.

The sprites disapear, Uther opens a door and finds the cook. The cook threatens him and he closes the door. The sprites cast some spell that Uther throws off and he closes the door to the cook. And slings a bullet at one of the sprites and misses. Maudril becomes small suddenly. Krupe enlarges Edmond and the door opens again and the cook makes threatening movements toward Uther with a morning star.

Edmond smashes one of the sprites with his and the sprite shrinks him back to normal size. The cook then become large and is trying to kill Uther. Krupe grows Edmond again and Edmond destroys one of the spites and Uther wound the cook with his Kukri. The cook tries to push by Uther who holds him back in the kitchen and slashes the cook with his scimitar.

Maudril shoots and arrow that hits the door jam. The sprite shrinks Uther down and Krupe grows him back up immediately. Edmond tries to smash the remaining sprite but misses. Nadya finally wakes up from a stupor and attacks the cook with her bow and misses.

Maudril jumps off the table and fires at the cook. The cook forces himself into the room, pushing Uther back who responds by tumbling through his legs and attacking him from behind. and misses. Edmond takes a viscous swing and kills the other sprite.

Nadya hits the cook. Edmond hits the cook. Uther cuts deep with his scimitar and results in an opening to attack again. The cook drops to the ground.

We have won the battle of sizes.

The party starts to explore the outside of the tower and found two bedrooms, the second held the Lady Agentina. She was lying to us and Maudril found that she was evil. Uther reacts by slashing her with his scimitar. The Lady Argentina slapped the hell out of him and he and Maudril engage in battle in the tight bedroom. She turned out to be a doppleganger.

Opening the next door we come into a throne room. Another gateway was in the throne room. and beyond the throne room another gateway. Going into another room there is a shrieking sound and it nauseates most of the party. Something is moving in the room.

Some kind of plant creature attacks the party and Maudril puts it down.

The room across the hall is a library. The party find notes written and Maudril determines the notes are from a guard captain called Hestrick Norloft. Her heritage included a white dragon Auberfex. The dragon in the ice sculpture was off. The mother of the current ruler killed the dragon. The party already killed the guard captain on the first floor.

The party goes through another gateway to the the next level above and there are ravens and a slyph.

All of the party is blinded by the ravens. Krupe put the Slyph and the Ravens to sleep and we healed our eyes and searched the tower. We thebn went to rest.


Gilgamesh rckeller

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