Reign of Winter

The Pale Tower the Last Assault - Part 3

The End of Winter

After a not so restful night in the barracks, the party prepares for the final assault of the highest level of the tower.

We again go through the gateway, rising through the tower.

We take a different gate from the second level (one with a red carpet leading to it) and we arrive at the highest level of the dungeon where there is a glowing sphere, a cauldron, two ice sculptures of demons, a mirror on the wall and an apprentice to the witch.

The apprentice holds an icicle in his hand. Uther shatters the mirror. Maudril rushes to the holder of ice… Nadya shoots an arrow fails to strike.

The apprentice rises into the air and takes some arrows and a goat rushes out of an alcove. The apprentice calls ice elementals to attack the party. Uther takes down the goat and an elemental.

The apprentice throws snowballs at the group of people in the gateway entrance. and krupe goes down.

Nadya falls to a pillar of ice that the apprentice magics from the floor, while Maudril defends himself from the remaining ice elementals. Uther attempts to shoot the apprentice from the sky.

The battle is drawn out with the wizard takes many arrows, Edmond is severely wounded. Krupe and Nadya are unconscious.

The wizard takes a few more arrows and flies out the window into the courtyard. Maudril heals others as much as he can and Uther runs through the gateway to pursue the wizard.

The wizard awakens the ice dragon in the courtyard. Fortunately, Uther had hacked off it’s head earlier. (and now wishes he had hacked it to bits).

Uther defends himself against the ice dragon and the wizard again flies away. Those in the tower start shooting arrows at the wizard.

The wizard flies up to attack those in the toward and Edmond and Krupe kills him finally. The wizard splashes on the ground next to Uther. Uther flees from the ice dragon back into the tower.

The party begins to search the upper floor of the tower.

Found two ice statues of women. The second tried to curse Maudril and he destroyed it.

A search of the room got us many potions, many scrolls, a robe, a wand.

Go back to Waldsby and then Nadya is going to help us get to Whitethrone…

The party returned to the tower collect silver bars they left behind. They find a polar bear in the courtyard feeding on some of the bodies. The party skirts it and goes up into the tower and collects the rest of the loot. We return to the courtyard and the polar bear is attacking the dogs at the sleds. We attack and Maudril goes down. Uther defends him and also goes down. Edmond begins to fight. Krupe attacks from the tower walls.

Edmond and Krupe save the day.


Gilgamesh rckeller

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