Reign of Winter

To the Pale Tower

I have a bad feeling about this

The party decides to go to the Pale Tower and put a stop to the witch’s tyranny.

Approaching the tower, in the daylight through the wind and the blowing snow. We see a dark cloud comes toward us. It is a swarm of ravens. The ravens arrive above the group and fly above us like an arrow pointing us out to anyone watching from the tower. The swarm flies back to the tower.

We approach the tower we see an etching of a gate in a wall. It turns out to be a spell of some kind. A guard pokes his head over the wall and asks what we are doing. Uther says that we are lost travelers and need a map. The guard says leave, go to Waldsby, it is that way.

Edmond attacked the wall with his ax. Maudril smashes through the wall and a terrible cold rushes out.

Behind the wall is a portcullis made of ice and in the courtyard behind that there is a dragon made of ice.

We break through the portcullis and Edmond rushes through. Krupe puts two of the guards asleep and the other flees possibly to get reinforcements. Another ice bar is broken out of the portcullis and Maudril jumps through.

Edmond is attacked by an Ice Troll as the group rushes into the courtyard and the one escaped guard flees to get help.

The guard opens a door and yells “We are being attacked.” Krupe puts the guard to sleep and maybe others in the guardroom. We take the Troll down and three more guards rush out of the guardroom.

they fire their bows into us and miss. Uther lights the troll on fire and Krupe becomes the focus of the guards attacks after casting another sleep spell. Uther burns the troll and runs to the gate to break down the ice but it is very hard and resists most of his efforts.

Krupe takes a horrible wound from an arrow and Maudril heals him directly.

The battle goes on for several minutes, Vito’s healing keeps us going.

Krupe englarged Maudril and Maudril pushed Uther up onto the upper wall. He coup de graced the two remaining sleeping guards and then prepared to assault the tower.

Uther secures a grappling hook by one of the chutes down and the others climb the rope to the upper area.

Maudril breaks through the door.

We penetrate the tower.

The guards rally in the center of the tower’s first floor. One appears encased in ice and the ice melts away. A large woman with a great sword is waiting and a water elemental rises out of the pool of water in the center of the tower. Maudril is basically alone at the beginning of the battle as other party members infiltrate the tower from above.

The rest of the party enters the fray and Maudril heals himself before he passes out from blood loss. Maudril and Uther gang up on the elemental. Eventually we put the elemental down. Uther starts breaking mirrors and are around the ground floor of the tower. Under the assumption that the witch can use them to watch us.

The group rests


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