Relentless, mutating, hard to catch


Once an ordinary kobold, Tazex has been mutated beyond recognition by the remnants of ancient magic left in the Abode of Vivadius the Transmuter. He is a reptilian humanoid with four furred arms resembling a Garillion’s. He also has a tail that sprouts tentacle like spider legs at its end.


The displaced leader of the Roving Dragon kobold tribe, Tazex is driven by his need for vengeance against those who undermined his power.

After the Roving Dragons kidnapped Xanthippe, daughter of Heldren’s blacksmith, Edmund, Croupe, and Maudrril, laid waste to the tribe’s warriors and sent the whelps and females on their way.

After stalking the heroes through numerous battles and ambushing them at inconvienent times Tazex was finally laid low by a staggering flaming strike by Vito and a magical assault form Excavier.


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