Yuln Oerstag

Lone survivor of bandit raid


Currently is a state of convalescence Yuln recovers from frostbite, hypothermia, and numerous wounds, despite Vito’s best healing efforts combined with Appothecary Willowbark.


Lone survivor of the bandit and cold-fey raid on Lady Argentea’s caravan.

Hailing from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Yuln is a mercenary who is oft employed by Taldor nobles. Wracked with a sense of failure at having failed in his duty to protect the young Taldor noble lady from her captors, he is stuck convalescing from his wounds in Heldren.

“The winter-touched are fey creatures who have sworn themselves to the White WItches of Irrisen. Legends say they have a sliver of ice in there hearts, and their touch bears the harsh bite of winter.” – Yuln

“Never trust the bitch witches of Irrisen, or you will never know freedom again.” – Yuln after being asked about northern witches

Yuln Oerstag

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