Reign of Winter

Croupe's Journal 1

As I was poking around the newly liberated lodge it ocurred to me, all the great explorers had journals and who am I to deny to posterity my experience. As such this is the first of what is to be many posts on my current venture. It started swimingly with the addition of two new stalwart companions I met in the local tavern, I even got a lead on a potential backer, it seems a rich noble lady had gotten herself captured by bandits. If I could lead the rescue party to her surely that would prove my meddle and the grateful lady would become my patron. My newest sojourn started out fairly expediously with us making good time through the forest. I had heard rumours that the weather was getting unseasonably cold in the forest, but that wasn’t even close to the truth, there was actual snow mere days from the mid summer festival!


The forest itself was chalk full of danger, wern’t the rangers supposed to keep it moderatley safe? It was crawling with undead, giant frost breathing lizards, and swarms of murderous pixies. All this before we even got to the bandits holed up in the lodge


Needles to say I let nothing stop me from rescuing the fair damsel and rousting those foul brigands. Soon I’ll be leading the biggest expedition ever to pierce the mighty north!

Croupe The Arctic Foxth7VLTTPU6.jpg

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