Reign of Winter

The Pale Tower - Part 2
Or the Cleric Sucks...

The party rested the night and continued their exploration of the Pale Tower.

The party attempts to use the gates in the tower and searches Vito for the key. Leaving him behind to fend for himself.

The group gets to the next area and there are two sprites, mirrors and a large dining table.

The sprites disapear, Uther opens a door and finds the cook. The cook threatens him and he closes the door. The sprites cast some spell that Uther throws off and he closes the door to the cook. And slings a bullet at one of the sprites and misses. Maudril becomes small suddenly. Krupe enlarges Edmond and the door opens again and the cook makes threatening movements toward Uther with a morning star.

Edmond smashes one of the sprites with his and the sprite shrinks him back to normal size. The cook then become large and is trying to kill Uther. Krupe grows Edmond again and Edmond destroys one of the spites and Uther wound the cook with his Kukri. The cook tries to push by Uther who holds him back in the kitchen and slashes the cook with his scimitar.

Maudril shoots and arrow that hits the door jam. The sprite shrinks Uther down and Krupe grows him back up immediately. Edmond tries to smash the remaining sprite but misses. Nadya finally wakes up from a stupor and attacks the cook with her bow and misses.

Maudril jumps off the table and fires at the cook. The cook forces himself into the room, pushing Uther back who responds by tumbling through his legs and attacking him from behind. and misses. Edmond takes a viscous swing and kills the other sprite.

Nadya hits the cook. Edmond hits the cook. Uther cuts deep with his scimitar and results in an opening to attack again. The cook drops to the ground.

We have won the battle of sizes.

The party starts to explore the outside of the tower and found two bedrooms, the second held the Lady Agentina. She was lying to us and Maudril found that she was evil. Uther reacts by slashing her with his scimitar. The Lady Argentina slapped the hell out of him and he and Maudril engage in battle in the tight bedroom. She turned out to be a doppleganger.

Opening the next door we come into a throne room. Another gateway was in the throne room. and beyond the throne room another gateway. Going into another room there is a shrieking sound and it nauseates most of the party. Something is moving in the room.

Some kind of plant creature attacks the party and Maudril puts it down.

The room across the hall is a library. The party find notes written and Maudril determines the notes are from a guard captain called Hestrick Norloft. Her heritage included a white dragon Auberfex. The dragon in the ice sculpture was off. The mother of the current ruler killed the dragon. The party already killed the guard captain on the first floor.

The party goes through another gateway to the the next level above and there are ravens and a slyph.

All of the party is blinded by the ravens. Krupe put the Slyph and the Ravens to sleep and we healed our eyes and searched the tower. We thebn went to rest.

To the Pale Tower
I have a bad feeling about this

The party decides to go to the Pale Tower and put a stop to the witch’s tyranny.

Approaching the tower, in the daylight through the wind and the blowing snow. We see a dark cloud comes toward us. It is a swarm of ravens. The ravens arrive above the group and fly above us like an arrow pointing us out to anyone watching from the tower. The swarm flies back to the tower.

We approach the tower we see an etching of a gate in a wall. It turns out to be a spell of some kind. A guard pokes his head over the wall and asks what we are doing. Uther says that we are lost travelers and need a map. The guard says leave, go to Waldsby, it is that way.

Edmond attacked the wall with his ax. Maudril smashes through the wall and a terrible cold rushes out.

Behind the wall is a portcullis made of ice and in the courtyard behind that there is a dragon made of ice.

We break through the portcullis and Edmond rushes through. Krupe puts two of the guards asleep and the other flees possibly to get reinforcements. Another ice bar is broken out of the portcullis and Maudril jumps through.

Edmond is attacked by an Ice Troll as the group rushes into the courtyard and the one escaped guard flees to get help.

The guard opens a door and yells “We are being attacked.” Krupe puts the guard to sleep and maybe others in the guardroom. We take the Troll down and three more guards rush out of the guardroom.

they fire their bows into us and miss. Uther lights the troll on fire and Krupe becomes the focus of the guards attacks after casting another sleep spell. Uther burns the troll and runs to the gate to break down the ice but it is very hard and resists most of his efforts.

Krupe takes a horrible wound from an arrow and Maudril heals him directly.

The battle goes on for several minutes, Vito’s healing keeps us going.

Krupe englarged Maudril and Maudril pushed Uther up onto the upper wall. He coup de graced the two remaining sleeping guards and then prepared to assault the tower.

Uther secures a grappling hook by one of the chutes down and the others climb the rope to the upper area.

Maudril breaks through the door.

We penetrate the tower.

The guards rally in the center of the tower’s first floor. One appears encased in ice and the ice melts away. A large woman with a great sword is waiting and a water elemental rises out of the pool of water in the center of the tower. Maudril is basically alone at the beginning of the battle as other party members infiltrate the tower from above.

The rest of the party enters the fray and Maudril heals himself before he passes out from blood loss. Maudril and Uther gang up on the elemental. Eventually we put the elemental down. Uther starts breaking mirrors and are around the ground floor of the tower. Under the assumption that the witch can use them to watch us.

The group rests

Recovering the Doll Eye

Upon seeing a picture of Nayda’s daughter’s picture in her home the group figured out that the doll and the girl in the ice was Nayta’s daughter. After much deliberation it was decided that her soul was likely trapped in the gem in the doll’s eye was where the soul was stored. The vote was to go back through the portal and find the doll and get the gem. Edmond and Uther disagreed with this decision and wanted it noted in this chronicle so it is preserved for those who discovered how wrong that decision was.

At the same time the party was at the local tavern, the White Weasel most of the party had a strong urge to leave the town after the being urged to leave before we bring trouble upon Waldsby. Uther does not understand everyone’s urgency to leave all of a sudden. We get on the dog sleds that Natya provides and head back to the portal.

We left Waldsby at night in the freezing cold to make the insane party members calm down,. Looking for the portal we came through to come to this frozen land

On the way to the portal an ogre comes out of the dark and slams Excavier and knocked him from his sled and he flew into the snow. Edmond jumps from his sled and attacks the ogre. The Paladin crashes his sled and Excavier blasts the ogre with magical energy.

Uther slays the Orge.

Edmund argues to go back to the village but the party moves forward to the portal.

Back to the Border Wood…

Coming out of the portal Uther pushes out of the enclosure ignoring the sprites that are still sitting on the shelves around the portal. The sprites attack the others who follow who take offensive action against the sprites. Uther hoping to avoid the falling rocks from our last visit here rushes from the Portal area to flee the area of the snow storm.

We get to the hut without any more trouble along the way and search for the doll. We find it buried in the new snow. The remains of the burnt doll is uncovered. The little girl’s image in again in the ice pillars. Maudrill sees a vision of the gem broken and the hut burned.

We start a fire in the hut and Maudrill breaks the gem and the ice pillars all collapse, a feeling of warmth blows through the party and brightens their hearts.

As we finish the tasks a group comes from the direction of Heldren. Sir Vant, an arrogant knight makes accusations of a wintery witch. After course words being exchanged Sir Vant challenges Uther to a duel. Uther cannot seem to strike the knight and eventually is beat down. As he falls Edmond throws his honor out and attacks the knight, who orders his men to attack the company of heroes.

The result of that choice is that Crupe put all of the knight’s men to sleep and Sir Vant agrees to a truce with Maudrill but Edmond again attacks him and is immediately put down. And Crupe finishes the knight off with a ray of frost. Vito then heals the knight who was attacked with dishonor.

Uther cuts Sir vant and all his men at arms loose. He says let’s go to this portal and we will show you what is causing the cold.

Sir Vants men at arms are freezing in the cold and some had symptoms of frostbite before we entered the storm close to the portal. As we approach the portal again rocks fall from the sky. One find Uther, who is already damaged from the battle with Sir Vant.

Uther makes it to the portal and kills the two sprites who are guarding it. The group attempts to wait for Sir Vant and his men to show them the portal. Sir Vant wants to go his own way being we have a priest and knight of the false goddess with us. He will not stay with that much evil.

The group returns to Nadya’s house and sleeps the sleep of the Just and get healed at the priest of Pharsma.

When the party leaves the priest, they notice the villagers being rounded up – and we assume it is our presence that caused this event. The group decides to confront the soldiers who are harassing the villages. One of them is instructed to run and get the sergeant.

The group rushes into the village center and attack the pale tower guards who were rounding up the villagers. The party took down the tower guards.

We decided to move toward the tower.

"The towns outcasts "

As we enter the town of Walsby We see many markets and such a blacksmith that draws Uther to it. He asks about cold iron weapons, and the blacksmith provides. I go to the market and bug a simple potion as i’m having difficult time talking to the woman who works there since she does not speak good English. We are invited to go to the tavern for a feast but are told to leave the village since they do believe we will cause trouble.Content Not Found: null

Through the Portal into Irrisen

We jumped through the portal and it is even colder in this new frigid forest. The trees are different, obviously we are far to the north.

Excavier climbs the hill and sees a settlement. We climb the hill and with no other idea about where else to go, I sniff the air and feel an impending storm. We slog through the snow toward the small settlement.

As we approach the settlement we hear shouting across the the land in the distance toward the settlement but closer than the lights.

It sounds like battle and we rush forward to determine what is amiss…

We find a caravan. There are torches strewn in the snow and on the caravan. The wagons are being attacked by a giant mantis. We come out of the trees and see people running around trying to fight off the mantis…
Excavier prepares his magic missile, but realizes that his spells are expended and he has no more magical energy, and Uther charges through the snow to attack the Mantis. As we approach the mantis it attacks helpless victims from the caravan.

The mantis dispatches an unfortunate and begins to fly, Uther yells to attract it’s attention and shoots at it with an arrow. Vito rushes forward to heal the victims. The mantis lands near Excavier and attacks him. Edmond puts several arrows into the Mantis.

Croup realizes that it is not a trap and runs to enter combat.

Vito heals the woman who was ravaged by the mantis. As the Mantis crushes Excavier even after taking many arrows from the group.

Uther rushes in and cuts down the Mantis…

Vito heals the rest of the people from the caravan.

Edmond says the people speaks Skald but their leader speaks common. She is a trader and may know of the Pale Tower but will not speak of it here and suggests we take shelter from the storm.

The settlement is too far to survive the storm so we move to a cave for protection.

The White Witch has taken Naja’s daughter to the pale tower. She is only a little girl.
Naja tells us that the White Tower is just 6 or 7 miles from her village (the one we saw in the distance) Waldsby. As the snow increases we notice a humanoid approaching our cave. Maudrill tries to detect evil but the attempt fails. A cold fey approaches and speaks in Skald, wanting to share our cave.

Najha invites her in and she takes a place far from the fire. She thanks us and offers to entertain us with her singing.

She introduced herself Mierul Ardelain. She sings and it is very enjoyable.

Uther asks it Mierul speaks common and she does. We have a long conversation. She is a Nymph/Fiend mix and cold fey. Mierul asks many questions and Naja is upset by our answers. In the land of the White Witches they are the ultimate authority and the cold fey serve them.

Uther decides that the cold fey must not report to the White Witches being we know we are at war with them and came to close the portal. He unilaterally attacks Mierul and Naja pulls out a weapon and Mierul tries to withdraw out of the cave and Maudrill grabs her, and she slashes him across the chest. Uther attacks again and does not do damage. Naja attacks her and draws blood and the battle then joined by the group. As the Kukri is ineffective Uther drops it and uses to hands on his scimitar finally causing damage to the fey creature.

After a difficult battle she goes down. Her resistance to damage was impressive. The Paladin eventually smote evil and she took damage as if she was evil.

After the battle we rest the remainder of the night.

We head out to Waldby.

On the way a swarm of ravens attacked us on the dog sleds. I jump from beneath the tarp we were hiding under and attack the ravens.

Croup put the swarm to sleep, Naja says that ravens serve the white witches. We went on to Waldsby. The towns people greet Naja and her group of merchants. They were late from their trip due to the snow.

Spend a few days resting , and shopping and commissioning cold iron weapons.

Found out there is an underground organization called, “The Heralds of Summers Return.” The headman of the town was accused of being part of this organization. He was killed and his house burned with his family inside.

The statue is called the Cold Woman, and some say it is the White Witch’s image but others say it was here before her reign. Some say it was the first witch who ruled here was here.
Still others say it is a woman who will come to the towns aid in it’s time of need.

Madraul was told that the witches can watch through the mirror in the Inn.

We figured out that the little girl who showed up in the ice and looked like the doll was Naja’s daughter. Vito feels that the gem that was in the eye of the doll and that this gem likely contains the soul of the little girl. Vito wants to return to the site of the hut and retrieve the gem.

This need became so urgent in Vito that he left in the middle of the evening dragging the group with him.

"After the witch"
How to kill a witch

As we see the moss troll fall from are dashing strikes we prepare to jump through the portal. But we are stopped by a Black Rider of baba yaga who shoots through the portal with an ice shard in his back. Are cleric Veto approaches and heals the mysterious rider,only to fail as t see him fall.And as his soul dies away he tells us more about the portal and such. Once his body disintegrates into ash we feel a sense of power and all of us are able to add to modifier points to a stat.

croupe the troll slayer
an account by vito

As we walked through the unnatural winter in the forest, we came to the cause of the cold. A giant troll jumped us. Uther struck the troll over and over again to no prevail. Then the mighty croupe smote the troll with one hit from his magic killing the fierce troll. All hail the croupe the troll slayer.

The Cold Fey

We enter the Somir Valley where the map from Rohkar’s map showed the center of the area of cold is a portal.

Entering the valley the snow swirls above and Uther notices two creatures descend from above us. Uther shoots an arrow at the Mephit Izoze who takes little damage. The group gets ready for battle as Izoze and another creature who appears to be made of air float down from above.

The swirling creature swept through the group blinding us. Uther and Excavier move toward the last location of Izoze and attacked with arrows and magic to little effect. We all engaged the creatures in pitched battle.

Tazex appeared and attacks again and this time the group is able to concentrate our attacks on him and he dies. I take a moment to cut his throat before attacking Izoze again. The elemental creature dies and we are able to concentrate on Izoze again.

Izoze flies away and arrows puncture his body and he falls from the sky.

As we descend into the valley the snow becomes worse. We can hardly see each other in the snow. A rock comes from no where and glances off of the Paladin’s armor. I creep forward slowly as a wall of ice appears to my right. I continue straight ahead…

Suddenly a fiendish eagle appears before us… It attacks the Paladin and I respond with my weapons and kill it quickly.

A monstrous creature comes out of the snow and attacks Maudril. A blue sprite flies out of the wind and makes a blast of rainbow colors that I resist but Maudril falls to the ground. A stone falls from the sky and strikes Croupe (sorcerer). Edmund moves up and sees the sprite. Vito crowds himself in front of me and I cannot see anything to strike. Another stone falls from the sky and Croupe avoids it. I move forward to engage the troll and miss. Vito throws an alchemist fire and misses. Another rock falls from above and Croupe again avoids it. Edmund hits the troll again while I miss him again. Excavier shoots him with a magic missile. The troll attacks Edmund. Croupe shoots a crossbow at the troll. The groups entered extended combat with the troll. Excavier hit the troll and it fled into the snow.

Then Vito and I advance to engage the troll and I find an igloo. I continue forward to find the troll following his large footprints in the snow. Rocks fall from the sky to hit Vito.
Eventually we find the troll and the portal on the ground with cold air blasting straight up into the air from it. The area around it is fairly clear and we can see again. Edmond immediately shoots an arrow and I close with the troll and strike it. Sprites are on the walls…

I fight the troll toe to toe and drop him but he immediately rises again to be struck by myself and the Paladin to fall for good. Vito poured acid down his throat.

Another rock falls from above which Croupe dodges.

A dark knight appears out of the portal. The Paladin detects evil and he is not evil. Vito heals him. He says something has happened to Baba Yaga. Elvanna does not want to be replaced on the throne and she plans to create an ice age on Galorian. We must find Baba Yaga and go to the Pale Tower to stop the portal. We must find and control the hut to find Baba Yaga. Objects are attuned to the hut. Elvanna stole the hut and put it on display in the capital of Irrisen, White Throne. He gives us white hair and a plague doctors mask. These are the keys that I have gathered.

He says, “take my mantel”. He kills himself in a grizzly manner. Energy flows over us as he dissolves into nothingness.

We then decided to jump into the portal to stop winter from invading our land and the Evil Witch Queen’s plans and save Baba Yaga.

The true adventure begins here as we are whisked away to Irrisen…

The Hut with Legs
The Horror

The group came into a clearing and were confronted with a strange situation. There were ice pillars and in these pillars was the image of a little human girl who said different things – I’m sorry don’t hurt me I never meant to call you names. I don’t want your stupid doll I want to go home. Take me back. You should run before they see you.

Then we approached the hut and found a doll inside that looked very much like the girl.

It too frightening to approach the hut for Uthor and Edmond. The doll levitated above the ice pillars and it was burned…

Maudril's tips for defending the weak
Render aid by fastest means available.
When your aid is needed do restrict yourself to standard means of travel. e.g. when the stairs are too slow leave through the window. As i did to come to Croupe’s aid.

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