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  • Edmund

    A memory riddled with holes due to sorcery, Edmond has learned the martial arts under the tutaledge of Maudril.

  • Croupe

    Famous explorer from the northern wilds, back to drum up support for his latest venture. All I need is some capital and someone to carry the bags. Heldren should be a good place to recruit. I've already signed on a stalwart Paladin & his young ward. …

  • Vito de Luca

    My father died while mother was still caring me in her womb. He was an undertaker for the church. A lone ghoul tore him apart one night while he worked a long night. The church took me and my mother in after words. My mother knew she could never love any …

  • Excavier

    Excavier was born in a small town called The Northern Village. In the middle of the deep,snowy wood he wondered about any special power he may come upon. One day while taking a stroll through the wood he felt a rush of energy flow through him like dragon …

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