Reign of Winter

Krupe and Maudril go to White Castle

Or how to die in the Cold

After resting at the farm and shopping in the small town the party continues toward White Throne.

AMBUSH – Four rangers hiding behind rocks with their eagle companions and a winter wolf attack the party. The party did not notice them and were surrounded as the falcons flew from the sky, and arrows flew into Nadya. Krupe was attacked by falcons and drops to the ground as Edmond is bitten by the wolf and tripped. Maudril is hit by several arrows and Uther rushes the rangers.

Uther engages the first ranger and draws first blood. Krupe is on the ground fighting off the eagles. Maudril has defended himself against the incoming arrows.

Nadya kills a falcon, and Krupe puts one to sleep. Edmond wounds one but misses the wolf.

Krupe passes out for a third time from the wounds he has taken from the falcon’s slashing claws and pecking beaks.
Krupe kills another falcon with acid splash. Uther takes down the first bowman. The wolf blows a icy cone of breath over Naudril and Edmond. Two of the archers drop their bows and charge Uther.

Maudril and Edmond finish off theKrupe blinds one of the archer. Edmond shoots one of the archers fighting Uther, and Uther continues to deal damage to his two remaining foe.

Uther puts the archer with an arrow in him on the ground. The other two surrendered.

Questioning the archers reveals…

They are winter guard and serve the Queen in White Throne. A winter witch told their captain to go out and guard against a strange group travelling to White Throne.

The wolf had different color eyes. It can be skinned and get a magical rime coat from it… Helps other winter wolves think the wearer is a winter wolf.

The group rests and heals. We leave the area of the battle and head toward White Throne again.

We come upon a snow field with mounds in the snow. 3 feet to 12 feet tall.
Uther shoots an arrow into one but there is no response. We approach the mounds and Maudril detects evil but finds none. Uther brushes one off that and it is stone but reminiscent of a humanoid form. Krupe notices that he feels magic is the air and in his bones. The whole area radiates magic. This is the area of a rebellious daughter of Baba Yaga, and this may be the Army of the witch that rebelled.

Also heard snow goblins live in encampments around the stone that the witch was turned into. Krupe wants to explore the magic area to see what he finds.

Find a pit with benches that it appears goblins use in their rituals. The pit is empty, weapons and a chest there with banners.

Goblins emerge from behind rocks, and don’t seem friendly.
The goblins began shooting arrows at the party. And an alchemist hurling bombs from above on one of the stones.

Uther was knocked into a pit and placed a treasure chest in his bag.

Krupe takes massive damage from the alchemist. He blinds the alchemist, enlarges Maudril and backs away.

Uther climbs out of the pit and attacks a goblin.

Maudril attacks the alchemist. Uther takes down his goblin and moves to the next.

The goblins turn their arrows to Maudril. Shooting many arrows at him.

Maudril cuts a goblin in half.

The goblins break and leave the group standing among the stones.

Krupe investigates the magic of the stone that was once a witch.

As the group approaches White Throne they are confronted by TROLLS on a bridge. Three block the way and demand payment which included Edmond. Uther springs a surprise attack on the trolls and battle ensues. Three more trolls crawl from beneath the bridge on the other side behind the group and Uther and Nadya become grappled. The bloody battle takes its toll.
Nadya goes down and Krupe is struck by a rock.

Maudril is enlarged. Edmond is enlarged.

Maudril kills a couple of trolls. Freeing Uther and clearing their side of the bridge. Edmond is grappled. Maudril cannot get to the troll holding him.

Nadya is conscious. Maudril kills another troll and the remaining two trolls dive into the river.


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