Reign of Winter

The Cold Fey

We enter the Somir Valley where the map from Rohkar’s map showed the center of the area of cold is a portal.

Entering the valley the snow swirls above and Uther notices two creatures descend from above us. Uther shoots an arrow at the Mephit Izoze who takes little damage. The group gets ready for battle as Izoze and another creature who appears to be made of air float down from above.

The swirling creature swept through the group blinding us. Uther and Excavier move toward the last location of Izoze and attacked with arrows and magic to little effect. We all engaged the creatures in pitched battle.

Tazex appeared and attacks again and this time the group is able to concentrate our attacks on him and he dies. I take a moment to cut his throat before attacking Izoze again. The elemental creature dies and we are able to concentrate on Izoze again.

Izoze flies away and arrows puncture his body and he falls from the sky.

As we descend into the valley the snow becomes worse. We can hardly see each other in the snow. A rock comes from no where and glances off of the Paladin’s armor. I creep forward slowly as a wall of ice appears to my right. I continue straight ahead…

Suddenly a fiendish eagle appears before us… It attacks the Paladin and I respond with my weapons and kill it quickly.

A monstrous creature comes out of the snow and attacks Maudril. A blue sprite flies out of the wind and makes a blast of rainbow colors that I resist but Maudril falls to the ground. A stone falls from the sky and strikes Croupe (sorcerer). Edmund moves up and sees the sprite. Vito crowds himself in front of me and I cannot see anything to strike. Another stone falls from the sky and Croupe avoids it. I move forward to engage the troll and miss. Vito throws an alchemist fire and misses. Another rock falls from above and Croupe again avoids it. Edmund hits the troll again while I miss him again. Excavier shoots him with a magic missile. The troll attacks Edmund. Croupe shoots a crossbow at the troll. The groups entered extended combat with the troll. Excavier hit the troll and it fled into the snow.

Then Vito and I advance to engage the troll and I find an igloo. I continue forward to find the troll following his large footprints in the snow. Rocks fall from the sky to hit Vito.
Eventually we find the troll and the portal on the ground with cold air blasting straight up into the air from it. The area around it is fairly clear and we can see again. Edmond immediately shoots an arrow and I close with the troll and strike it. Sprites are on the walls…

I fight the troll toe to toe and drop him but he immediately rises again to be struck by myself and the Paladin to fall for good. Vito poured acid down his throat.

Another rock falls from above which Croupe dodges.

A dark knight appears out of the portal. The Paladin detects evil and he is not evil. Vito heals him. He says something has happened to Baba Yaga. Elvanna does not want to be replaced on the throne and she plans to create an ice age on Galorian. We must find Baba Yaga and go to the Pale Tower to stop the portal. We must find and control the hut to find Baba Yaga. Objects are attuned to the hut. Elvanna stole the hut and put it on display in the capital of Irrisen, White Throne. He gives us white hair and a plague doctors mask. These are the keys that I have gathered.

He says, “take my mantel”. He kills himself in a grizzly manner. Energy flows over us as he dissolves into nothingness.

We then decided to jump into the portal to stop winter from invading our land and the Evil Witch Queen’s plans and save Baba Yaga.

The true adventure begins here as we are whisked away to Irrisen…


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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